That makes us as happy as an elephant at a watering hole

Your donation – however big or small – will help us develop the tools wildlife protectors need.
1. Why are you fundraising?
We’ve got the idea, proof it works and the team to make it happen but we need your help to get the rest of the way. We’re losing up to 150 species every day. Yet funding sources for conservation are sloooow. We want to stick a rocket up this thing, get developing and get our tech to where it’s needed… and there’s just nothing more powerful than a passionate bunch of people.
2. What will you do with the money?
There’s a nice hotel in the Cayman Islands we’ve been eying (no, not really). We’ll use 100% of the funds to develop our tech and get it to market. That means spending on research and development, design, marketing, field testing and more.
3. What makes WildTechDNA different?
We’re like a newborn snow leopard. Small but fierce! We’re not here for the profits, we’re here for the conservation revolution and we want to help lead it. The WildTechDNA kit will be once piece of a circular economy. Which means we’ll invest our profits back into the world, funding inspirational conservation projects that struggle to find support in a broken system. So, your gift won’t just help us create this tech today… it’ll help us support the wildlife protectors of tomorrow.
4. When can I buy a WildTechDNA kit?

If you’ve signed up for updates (pssst, head to the footer), you’ll be the first to know when we launch. When the kit’s live, you can get one delivered to your door, then spam us with your results.

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