We asked people what they thought about our tech.
Here’s what they said.

Rodrigo Medellín

“This is a powerful, revolutionary tool for the real time detection of species with lots of potential to be applied to all sorts of conservation and management questions and policies.

I am fully convinced that, as time passes and more scientists engage in its use, many more applications will be found, and many more challenges will be solved.”

Dr Rodrigo A Medellín

Senior Professor of Ecology
Institute of Ecology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Jorge Rickards

“WWF Mexico is fully committed to the conservation of jaguars and views this technology as a crucial tool to curbing this dangerous threat to the species. […]

The applications for such technology are vast, essentially replacing the need for expensive, complex and time-consuming laboratory DNA finger-printing that can hinder conservation capacity.

This technology is nothing short of revolutionary.”

Jorge Rickards

Director General
WWF Mexico

Jorge Rickards

“The proposed project can have enormous application in Central Asia for snow leopards (as well as other species) for monitoring and also for detecting illegal wildlife trade.”

Tatjana Rosen

Conservation Adviser – Ilbirs Foundation 
Lead for “Vanishing Treasures” project in Kyrgyzstan

Jorge Rickards

“We see the foundational idea, vision, drive, belief, and most of all team, at WildTechDNA as oneof the enhancements to our global future that has the potential to touch lives, both human and animal, in an extremely positive and necessary manner. […]

We are extremely happy to have the chance to contribute to an organization that can have a significant role in improving our world’s future.”

Tobias Armour

Group Investors
New Hampshire, USA

Rodrigo Medellín

“Current methods in genetic sampling and analysis have issues that prevent them from being utilized across the range countries. […]

We strongly believe that this portable DNA detection device will be of significant value to GLSEP and other global stakeholders committed to species conservation and we are keen to offer our full support to this proposal.”

Koustubh Sharma, PhD

International Coordinator – GSLEP
Senior Regional Ecologist – Snow Leopard Trust

Snow Leopard Trust logo
Carmel Mbizvo

“If successful, this technology will provide a powerful revolutionary tool for the real time detection of illegally trafficked wildlife products, thereby dramatically increasing the capabilities of customs and law enforcement entities to detect and respond to illicit trade.”

Carmel Mbizvo

CEO of SANBI, South African National Biodiversity Institute

Chair of the Scientific Authority, South Africa

SANBI logo
Stefan Prost

“We are very excited about the prospect of an inexpensive paper-based biosensor that can rapidly identify endangered species. Such a device will be a valuable tool in monitoring endangered species as well as in the assessment of human-wildlife conflicts.”

Stefan Prost, PhD

LOEWE – Centre for Translational Biodiversity Genomics

Senckenberg logo
Arnulf Kohncke
“We believe that the proposed project could deliver substantial conservation benefits, especially to our threatened flagship species, both in the wild and in the illegal wildlife trade.”
Dr. Arnulf Köhncke

Director Species Conservation
WWF Germany

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