You’re on expedition in the wilds of Mexico with world-renowned scientists and explorers

Why? Because you helped us develop the technology wildlife protectors need. On your 4 or 7-day exclusive expedition, you’ll be immersed in Mexico’s most iconic ecological and cultural settings and contribute to the ground-breaking research that earned one of your guides the title of the “Batman of Mexico”.

Your guides

Rodrigo Medellín
Dr Rodrigo Medellin

Senior Professor of Ecology at the Institute of Ecology, University of Mexico, National Geographic Explorer At Large and the original Batman of Mexico (featured in the BBC documentary of the same title).

Dr Natalie Schmitt
Dr Natalie Schmitt

Marine ecologist, conservation geneticist, and documentary presenter for both Discovery Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

Keith Liddiard
Eduardo Rendón

Deputy Director of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Program of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Mexico. Eduardo has worked on Monarch Butterfly conservation since 1993, focusing on the systematic monitoring of monarch hibernation.

The expeditions

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Monarch butterfly celebration & discovery trip

Monarch butterflies

Every winter, a spectacular natural phenomena plays out in the mountains west of Mexico City. As the cold draws in, millions of Monarch butterflies head high up into the temperate forests to huddle together on the branches of oyamel fir trees and protect themselves from the extremes of the season’s weather.

On this 4-day expedition, you’ll work your way from Mexico City to the Monarch’s winter home. Guided by two of the world’s top conservation biologists, you’ll explore the region’s natural history, unique cuisine, invigorating culture and captivating archaeology. All while uncovering the bat friendly Mezcal responsible for saving many of Mexico’s (and Rodrigo’s) much-loved bat species.

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Tropical biodiversity research trip

Mayan pyramid

The culture and traditions of the ancient Maya are woven throughout the Yucatan Peninsula like an intricate tapestry. Thanks to its physical isolation, the region – which is nestled between two seas in Mexico’s easternmost corner – retains remnants of ancient cities and ecosystems that teem with abundant and unique plant and animal life. To Rodrigo, the “Batman of Mexico”, it holds special significance as the home of 29 of the country’s enigmatic bat species. During this one-off ecotourism experience, you’ll explore the Yucatan and assist Rodrigo with his bat monitoring work. You’ll navigate the caves and Mayan tombs they call home and witness the bat volcano in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve which sits at the heart of the second largest rainforest in the Americas. With Nat’s guidance, you’ll set up camera traps along major game trails to check for the presence of jaguars and collect data that will provide a lasting contribution to conservation efforts.

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