Meet the scientists developing the DNA fingerprinting technology that makes our kit tick.

Natalie Schmitt
Dr Natalie Schmitt

McMaster University

Research team project lead and global research partner development. Working with novel genetic tools to track rare and elusive species (including cetaceans, albatross and snow leopard) and conservation expert. 18 publications.
Dr Natalie Schmitt
Prof Carlos Felipe

McMaster University / Chemical Engineering

Device design, DNA capture and amplification lead. Paper-based, sensor development and environmental monitoring applications expert. 90 publications and 14 granted patents.
Dr Natalie Schmitt
Dr Yingfu Li

McMaster University / Biochemistry and Biomedical Research

RCA-based strategy and genomic DNA reporting lead. Functional nucleic acids in biosensor tools expert. 200 publications and 20 granted patents.
Dr Stefan Prost
Dr Stefan Prost

Senckenberg Institute

Genetic markers for big cats and DNA extraction methods for skin, hair and bone lead. Evolutionary conservation genomics and wildlife forensics expert. 28 research publications.
Dr Marco Musiani
Dr Marco Musiani

University of Calgary

Species specific markers and field testing for Caribou lead. Conservation biologist. Wildlife management and molecular ecology expert. 90 publications and author of 2 books.
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