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Formation of WildTechDNA and the most talented team of conservation enthusiasts!

March 25, 2020
Dear Friends,

In March 2020, we took the bold step of forming a company around the technology…..WildTechDNA!

By doing so, we hope we can secure investment funding to pay for the research and development and create a business model that subsidizes the technology to ensure we can get it to where its most needed in the world……developing countries that do not have the resources to identify species using conventional laboratory approaches.

In parallel we have formed the most incredible team of talented, creative conservation enthusiasts from the UK to help make this dream a reality! A web designer, copywriter, brand developer, project manager, private equity accountant, business adviser and a student of engineering……talk about the dream team… a scientist who has little idea about these things, I need all the help I can get!

We’ve also formed an agreement between WildTechDNA and McMaster University that will enable us to develop the technology beyond just caribou and for different sample types like skin, bone, hair and meat… now the sky really is the limit in terms of the vast applications of this technology for conservation!

WildTechDNA team
Dr Natalie SchmittWritten by Dr Natalie Schmitt
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