Wild Places – An interview with Dr. Natalie Schmitt by Pangje Foundation

February 5, 2021
Dear Friends,

This has to be one of the most enjoyable and organic interviews I’ve ever had!

My good friend Brad Clement from the Pangje Foundation in the US reached out to me to be one of the first people he interviewed for a series of podcasts called “Wild Places”.

Brad and I have been working on a collaborative project for the last 5 years that builds upon the work of Professor Som Ale (Founder of Pangje and Nepalese snow leopard hero). The project involves building the financial capacity of remote Himalayan communities, who are impacted by snow leopard depredation of their livestock and running educations programs for the kids, so that they understand the importance of snow leopard in ecosystem health and the need to protect them. We have been planning an expedition to some of these communities for the last 2 years and of course the pandemic has forced us to continue to be patient.

In the meantime….these podcasts are fun, and help us stay positive and motivated. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

Nat x
Dr Natalie SchmittWritten by Dr Natalie Schmitt
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