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International Wildlife Crime Webinar

October 21, 2020
Dear Friends,

It was such a privilege to be invited to be among a panel of 25 speakers from multiple disciplines to offer collective insight and solutions to end wildlife crime in Africa and beyond.

Wildlife Crime threatens many species with extinction. It is a major transnational organised crime that fuels bribery and corruption, threatens biodiversity and conservation, impacts tourism and promotes illicit flows and activities. UN research estimates that Wildlife Crime is worth as much as 23 billion USD every year.

International Wildlife Crime Webinar

We had speakers from conservation, law enforcement, anti-poaching, eco-tourism, financial services, government, field technology, various NGOs and the world’s oldest independent think tanks. We had a really positive response from many who watched, who really saw the immense application of our technology in helping to address the illegal wildlife trade by increasing the capacity of law enforcement officers to detect illegal products.

Nat x
Dr Natalie SchmittWritten by Dr Natalie Schmitt
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